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Chuang-Tzu and Ying-Yang Chia Author: Wan-Shou Chuang(Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University)

Vol.&No.:Vol. 45
Date:October 2000


Taoist(道), in Dynasty Han(漢), namely, "Huang-Lao"(黃老). "On principles of Six Mentors"(論六家要旨), Si Ma Tan(司馬談), argues that "Yin Yang"(陰陽), "Confucianism"(儒), "Mo Tzu"(墨), "Ming Chia"(名家), and "Fa Chia"(法家), Contribute into So-called Taoism(道家思想). Among them, "Yin Yang", literally, is the theory of "Yin Yang Chia" by Tsou Yen(鄒衍). In the literature of Taoism, the book "Lao Tzu" doesn't mention of the thoughts of "Yin Yang Chia", "Confucianism", "Mo Tzu", "Ming Chia", and "Fa Chia". In fact, the Book "Lao Tzu" is just in the point of students of "Huang Lao"(黃老), one of the referent literature.
While the book "Chuang Tzu" goes between all these mentors, such as "Tian Ti(天地), "Tain Tao"(天道), "Tian Yun"(天運), nd "Tian Shia"(天下)as multiple and profound. And they are the archetype of the thoughts of "Yin Yang Chia", The present argument here is the first one to focus straight on the contexts between "Chuang Tzu" and "Yin Yang Chia". "Chuang Yzu" for the book saying, "Tian Tao Yun"(天道運) namely is the "Major Turning"(主運) by Tsou Yen. "The Merits of the Emperor"(帝王之德) is "the Merits of the Five Emperor"(五帝德). The "Tian Shia" in the "Chuang Tzu", "Subjects behind My Majesty"(君先臣後) is "The Practice of the Six Major Relationships"(六親之施). Tsai Yu(在宥) Chio Sui(秋水) in Chuang Tzu present the same vision as "Big Nine Continents"(大九洲).
Especially, the changing(變化), the fate(運), and the Luck(數), in the "Tian Shia" and "Tian Tao", all these argument interweaves with the system of the thoughts of "Yin Yang Chia".
Meanwhile, the theory of "Yin Yang Wu Shing"(陰陽五行), in the name of "Huang Ti"(黃帝) are rendered into the sphere of politics, calender, costume and accessories, and musicology, with which "Chuang Yzu" has lots in common. The present argument is aimed to elaborate upon the contexts between "Chuang Tzu" and the thoughts of "Yin Yang Chia".

Keywords:Chuang-Tzu(莊子), ying-yang(陰陽), Ying-Yang Chia(陰陽家), Tsou Yen(騶衍), Big Nine Continents(大九洲), Huang Ti(黃帝), Tian Shia(天下)

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APA FormatChuang, W-S. (2000). Chuang-Tzu and Ying-Yang Chia. Journal of National Taiwan Normal University: Humanities & Social Science, 45(1&2), 1-13. doi:10.6210/JNTNULL.2000.45.01